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Comfort Keto Partners Team

Comfort Keto LLC (CK) is in process of establishing its "Comfort Keto Partners Team" (CKPT) in the Riverside County starting mid October 2020.

The purpose of CKPT is to establish a regional network of go-to partners who are practicing keto lifestyle. Besides providing curb-side pick-up service in "select" towns in the Riverside County, the CKPT members will provide as much as they can, basic know-how assistance to CK customers in their territory who are new to keto lifestyle. Furthermore, the CKPT members will encourage the customers to join regular Zoom Q&A sessions organized by CK.  

Where will the CKPT Members be Located?

ck map2.png

What Will CKPT Members Do?


one-day-a-week curb-side

pick-up service

Provide one-day-a-week curb-side pick-up service for weekly meal packages for "local" Comfort Keto customers.



ck weekly

meal packages

Promote in person and in local social media groups Comfort Keto's weekly meal packages.

Support the growth and maintenance of CK Comfort Keto online community.

Q n A.jpg


support for

keto community

Assist local customers with basic questions on keto/low-carb.

Distribute MyKetoPal E-books and recipes.

Invite local customers to regular Q&A sessions

on Zoom Platform.


new customer.png

recruit new local customers

Create and maintain

a potential client database for the local area for Comfort Keto's

e-mail/social media marketing.

Communicate "group program" inquiries to CK administration.

How It Works?

Benefits for Our Partners !

  • All Comfort Keto LLC weekly meal packages and other third party products (such as power bars, etc) will be available to the CKPT members at 30% discount during the entire course of their team membership. 

    • The CKPT members will receive maximum "two" weekly meal packages at this CKPT member discount level.

  • The CKPT members will receive a flat fee of $5.00 for each local pick-up service they hand out. The service fee is payable to the CKPT member the following week.

  • The CKPT members may chose to provide delivery service in his/her respective territory for interested customers.

  • If and when requested by the customer, and offered by the CKPT member, the member will receive a flat fee of $10.00 from the customer for each local delivery. Deliveries will be made to maximum 20 minutes distance in 120 Quart Insulated Portable Ice Chests filled with frozen cool packs in order to keep the chest interior at 41F temperature.

  • Each CKPT member will be assigned a "partner specific discount code."  This dicount code will give CKTP member's customer $10.00 off of the package price listed on the website.

    • For each customer who uses the ​"partner specific discount code" for his/her weekly meal package purchase, the CKTP member will receive a flat sales bonus of $5.00

    • CKTP member will share their own "partner specific discount code" with each new customer they recruite, in order to receive the flat sales bonus for the customer's corresponding online purchase. 

    • The flat sales bonus of $5.00 will be credited to the CKTP member each time a customer makes an online purchase on Comfort Keto website using the "partner specific discount code." The flat sales bonus will continue as long as the customer stays in the weekly meal package program. 

    • The accumulated sales bonus of the current is payable in lump sum to the CKPT member in course of the first week of the following month.

    • The flat sales bonus program ceases as soon as the CKPT membership ends.

Any Questions? Please call our program director, Dennis at (714) 841-3932

How It Works?

Duties of Our Partners!

  • A full list of​ customers who selected to receive their weekly meal packages from a particular pick-up location will be e-mailed to the respective CKPT member every Monday.

    • The exact number of weekly meal packages received from CK delivery agent will be logged on the pick-up location list for the week with the CKTP member's signature. This list will be used to hand out the package(s).

    • The pick-up will be recorded by the CKTP member with the receiving signature of the customer.

  • The exact number of the weekly meal packages will be dropped off to the respective CKPT member's location between 8:00 and 10:00 am every Tuesday.

    • There will be a flat $20 delivery fee. 

    • The delivery fee is payable to the CK delivery agent at the time of delivery.

  • The CKTP member provide adequate size of dedicated refrigerator space to store the weekly meal packages at 41F until they are pick-ed up by the customers. 

    • In case the member chooses to use coolers of adequate size for storage, the coolers will be stuffed with frozen cool packs. 


  • The CKTP member agrees not to sell Comfort Keto's prepared meal packages directly to any party. The CKTP member agrees not to sell any other product which may compete with  Comfort Keto's prepared meal packages. Any third party product sales by CKTP member is subject to Comfort Keto's approval.

Any Questions? Please call our program Director Dennis at (714) 841-3932

Requirements/Qualifications to Become a Partner !

  • Candidates for the CKPT membership will be familiar with Comfort Keto menus and the basics of:

    • Ketogenic lifestyle, ketogenic diet macros, what to eat, what to avoid, and ketogenic diet's major benefits.


  • Candidates for the CKPT membership must have attended a MyKetoPal workshop or a cooking class in the past. If this is not the case, the candidate must be referred by a former MyKetoPal participant or a trusted person familiar to Comfort Keto.


  • Candidates for the CKPT membership must practice ketogenic lifestyle or must have been on keto diet on and off for a total of 6 months during last two years.

  • Candidates for the CKPT membership must have a clean background. Comfort Keto reserves the right to check.

  • Candidates for the CKPT membership will agree to provide adequate size of dedicated  refrigerator space to store the weekly meal packages at 41F until they are picked up by the customers. 

  • In case a dedicated refrigerator is not available , the Candidates for the CKPT membership will agree to have sufficient number of 120 Quart Insulated Portable Ice Chests (sold on, holds 8 bags) available for cold storage throughout the pick-up day. 

  • Candidates for the CKPT membership will commit to be available to provide pick-up service every week on Tuesday between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Any Questions? Please call our program Director Dennis at (714) 841-3932                                │         │             ‪Voice/Text: (951) 292-4332

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