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Are Seed Oils Worse Than Sugar? Association Between Nutrition and Crown Virus!

This episode by Dr. Mindy Pelz is about fixing the underlying problems that cause metabolic damage and inflammation, leading to autoimmunity, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and accelerated aging processes.

The guest on this episode is Dr. Cate Shanahan. She applied her learning and experiences to write Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. In this podcast, Dr. Cate covers:

  • How disease is diet-driven

  • Why our diet is making the coronavirus deadly

  • Ways to unlock your genetic potential through traditional food

  • The importance of agricultural farms

  • How to find simplicity with food

  • The reasons that oils are public enemy number one

Nutrition & Coronavirus

Dr. Cate Shanahan says the virus is scary because, overall, people are unhealthy. Most doctors said that the virus was going to be like a bad flu. However, people are getting really sick from the virus. Dr. Cate says the infection is severe because it can cause phenomena just like the flu. Our diet is making this virus deadly.

More people are getting sicker from the coronavirus because of their diet. Seed oils are making our immune system an inflammation generator. We know that the virus attacks the lining of our blood vessels. When you have a virus that attacks your blood vessels, that’s very dangerous. However, the virus won’t get that far in most of our bodies. If the virus does get far, it happens because of inflammation.

Clinicians don’t learn the fundamental truth about what is making us sick. Doctors think that cholesterol clogs arteries, salt causes hypertension, and saturated fats are bad for us.

However, this isn’t the case. Most doctors don’t even look at the ingredients on their food products. It’s time that clinicians are taught how their patients can unlock their genetic potential through traditional foods.

Cookbooks are our original nutrition science books. It’s everything that people used to eat before we had all of these chronic diseases. Traditional food is about extracting nutrition from the environment we lived in. People found out that there’s a way to stay healthy by eating food.

Dr. Cate Explains How To Find Simplicity With Food.

Seed oils are public enemy number one. Specifically, Dr. Cate says these are the worst oils for your health.

We totally agree!!!

  • canola,

  • corn,

  • cottonseed,

  • soy,

  • safflower,

  • grapeseed, and

  • rice bran.

Dr. Cate also explains how to find the truth about your health and culinary habits to add to your daily life. She emphasizes that Weston A. Price Foundation completely changed her life. In a nutshell, Weston says that our physiology reflects the landscape that we live in harmony with – this is where we need to get going.

You can read more on the topic of SEED OILS at Dr. Cate's website.


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