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Chef Janine's Keto "THE WORKS WET BURRITO" Is Back On The Menu !

Chef Janine's masterful ketogenic creation of the traditional Mexican/Californian delicacy, one of the most popular COMFORT KETO meals, the "WORKS CARNITAS WET BURRITO" is on the menu next week. If you never tried our "WORKS WET CARNITAS BURRITO" before, you will be pleasantly surprised with how authentically delicious this meal is.

Here is why:

  • First of all, this super burrito is prepared with "best quality" authentic Mexican spices used in top restaurants.

  • We use the "freshest" herbs money can buy.

  • Everything -dressings, sauces, marinades- are masterfully prepared from scratch in house by Chef Janine.

  • We prepare everything fresh in small batches. "Nothing" sits prepared in our cold storage for weeks or even days.

  • Like all meat products we use for the COMFORT KETO menus, we also use for this burrito dish only locally sourced grass-fed or free range, and hormone- and antibiotics free meat products.

  • This super popular COMFORT KETO meal is totally filling, yet light at the same time. That is simply because Chef Janine does not use any cheap, carby fillers like rice or beans.

  • The magical keto filler for this burrito meal is our finely riced and masterfully spiced cauliflower. You won't miss the cheap staples, the rice or beans.

  • This delicacy is filled with perfectly marinated carnitas, fine Mexican spices, cheddar cheese, and our house made guacamole and salsa.

  • All this goodness wrapped in our signature low carb tortilla (gluten-free version available).

  • We call this fine Mexican keto delicacy wet because it is smothered in Chef Janine's fire roasted house red chili sauce, and then topped with heaps of melted Mexican cheese blend.

  • We serve Mexican sour cream with this dish.

You will love this baby. Guaranteed!


While you are conveniently getting healthier and slimmer, clear minded, well slept, and calm, getting your priorities taken care of, comfortably cruising through life on our clean ketogenic diet, you won't even feel that you are on a dietary regimen. The superior taste of COMFORT KETO's gourmet meals will make you even forget that you are leading a clean ketogenic lifestyle!

Please order online by Saturday noon, June 24th. Delivery of the Summer Menu 4" is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th. Please follow the link to check out the full menu and to order online:

One more interesting thing to mention about the wet burritos: Although the culinary history of this popular meal is quite murky, some folks claim that wet burritos originated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Isn't that something???

Bon Appétit!

Master Keto Chef Janine

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