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Comfort Keto POWER BOWLS: Breakfast, Dessert Or Refreshing Snack?

Throughout the last two years, Chef Janine Lechuga worked on and perfected a totally satisfying gourmet culinary solution to satisfy our customers' sweet cravings while leading a clean keto lifestyle. Our master keto chef created a delicious collection of super food keto power bowls in a variety of exciting flavors and textures. The main purpose of including the power bowls in our weekly changing menus is to help curb the sweet cravings of our customers while they are on our prepared keto meals program.

Our power bowl products come in delicious range of varieties, be it tropical for summer or caramel based for winter, we have it all covered. The 16 oz bowls are approximately 550 cal per serving and can be enjoyed both for a satiating meal for breakfast/brunch, as a rich dessert or a refreshing chilled snack on a hot day in place of an ice cream.

All ingredients are pure, natural and perfectly ketogenic. The power bowls change every week with the weekly changing menus. We create these products with love and care, using only the purest ingredients sourced from the finest growers.

Each one of our power bowls will surely bring a smile to every ketoer's face. All varieties have been very popular among our customers to such degree that they order frequently extra servings in addition to their weekly menu orders.

All power bowls are multi layered keto super food meals.

The bottom layer is the mousse base made with heavy cream, monk fruit sweetener and different natural flavor extracts depending on the version.

The second layer is the sugar free pudding flavored with a variety of natural extracts and is loaded with ample amount of digestion aiding chia seeds.

The toppings change based on the version;

  • house made sugar free berry jam,

  • cacao nibs,

  • unsweetened coconut flakes,

  • sliced almonds,

  • mixed berries,

  • house made nuts granola,

  • different flavors of sugar free house made curd,

  • sliced almonds,

  • pepitas,

  • slices of star fruit and/or kiwis.

Always check out our menu page at to see which variety is being served on the upcoming week's menu.

Bon Appétit

Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga


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