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Delicious Keto Crepes Loaded With Cheesecake Mousse And Lemon Curd

Lemons taste like spring, smell like spring - Well heck, they ARE SPRING!

Next week Comfort Keto brings back our mouthgasm-iest mouthgasm ever... Our Lemon Cheesecake Crepes.

Our delicious crepes are loaded with cheesecake mousse, and layered with our signature sugar free lemon curd, all rolled up in a delicately sweetened crepe.

So good, you'll be speaking French by the time they are finished... Oooh la la!!

Please order NOW for delivery on Tuesday, May 23:

We, at Comfort Keto, were able to score a great load of 'Eureka' lemons from two great trees at a friend's ranch. This is the end of this year's harvest. You will get to enjoy several different goodies, crepes and power bowls prepared with these lemons in the coming weeks.

There are two commonly grown lemon trees in Southern California: 'Eureka,' and the lemon-mandarin hybrid, the 'Improved Meyer' (Citrus x meyeri). The biggest harvest for these types of lemons in Southern California is during the spring months.

'Eureka' and pink variegated 'Eureka' lemon trees will produce an abundant crop of fruit throughout the year making an attractive addition to the garden. The foliage on an established tree turns from a bronze shade to a bright green and the white blooms are fragrant, pretty, and have a purple-tinged bud.

Another lemon tree variety grown in Southern California is the 'Lisbon' lemons. They will have a few ready-to-pick fruits on the tree all year. They area also available in dwarf variety which are grown in pots.

Once a year the Lisbon Lemon tree produces a prolific crop of fruit in mid Winter to early Spring.

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