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Francesinha: The 'Little French Sandwich' That's Actually Portuguese

Chef Janine is bringing to you next week another unique culinary experience: The quintessential Portuguese bistro dish Francesinha.

Chef Janine prepares this delicacy with cured ham, chuck steak, and linguiça and/or chouriço (Portuguese sausages) stashed between thin slices of our special keto bread. She coats the layers with melted Swiss cheese. Instead of the béchamel used for the French original "Croque Monsieur", Chef Janine uses her special house made slightly spicy peri-peri sauce (this Portuguese sauce is also common in African cuisine) which contains beer, tomato and chilies.

True to the best Francesinha recipe of the popular Portuguese bistro "Cafe Santiago," she adds an egg on top (sunny-side-up) and more Swiss cheese. She serves this epic sandwich with a side of french fries made in house with ketogenic lupin flour.

You surely won’t be eating this sandwich by hand, as it is served in a pool of sauce and with melted cheese on top. The sauce on the bottom soaks the bread. With each bite, you will be like 'Wow!' It is really delicious and so different." This keto sandwich surely looks like sin, tastes like heaven, and delivers a caloric hit that will keep you fueled for the rest of your day.

Francesinha is so decadent, that it was once inappropriate for women to order one until some decades after its birth.

Francesinha may be the quintessential Portuguese bistro dish that's believed to have been created by the Portuguese refugees who fled to France during António Salazar’s dictatorship and returned home with a love for melted cheese on their sandwiches. Daniel David da Silva in the 1950s was the first chef who made this sandwich a household name. He was also inspired by the popular French sandwich "Croque Monsieur," which is prepared with ham, sausage and cheese, and is topped with "béchamel" sauce and more cheese. As a matter of fact, Francesinha roughly translates to "little Frenchie".

This decadent summer time sandwich can be enjoyed for lunch, as a perfect brunch or even for dinner. You will find this delicious sandwich nowhere else in Riverside County but at COMFORT KETO.

Please place your online for our Summer "Menu 8" by NOON on Saturday, July 22nd, and the happiness will be at your doorstep on next Tuesday, July 25th! THAT EASY.

Bon Appétit! Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga


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