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Ketogenic Diet Pioneer Dr. Mercola Is Relaunching His Censored Library

Taking Control of Your Health has never been more important than now. While it is much easier to go with the flow, some of us understand the importance of pursuing truth and meeting people along the way on the road less traveled. While this road has always presented challenges, varying opinions and opposing views were welcome and necessary, without fear of censorship or retribution. Undoubtedly, one of the most important people to follow in regards to learning about the truth is the ketogenic diet pioneer Dr. Mercola.

We now live in a very different time. A much darker time. The silence of free speech is deafening. Not only is blatant censorship tolerated, it is supported and encouraged by the very people entrusted to protect our constitutional right to freedom of speech.

In a McCarthyism-like attack, the sitting president of the United States called out 12 outstanding, and highly recognized Americans who have expressed critical opinions towards the pandemic policies of the government, placing Dr. Mercola at the top of this list. While Dr. Mercola never stopped delivering important health news seven days a week, he made the painstaking decision to delete his body of work for 30 years with over 15,000 health articles from his website. To avoid further censorship, his new articles are now published on his website on "ephemeral" basis, meaning they're only available for viewing for 48 hours before they're deleted from the site.

Dr. Mercola is now launching his Censored Library at Substack, where his previously deleted article archive will be restored, and new articles will be uploaded after 48 hours. The Censored Library at Substack is based on $5 per month membership, or $50 per year.

Dr. Mercola's daily newsletter will remain free of charge, but articles are “ephemeral” and only viewable for 48 hours. We encourage you to subscribe to his FREE daily newsletter so you can get immediate updates on the latest health news, research and interviews.

Follow the link to subscribe Now!

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