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Malibu Chicken! The Perfect Spring Time Weeknight Dinner

In recent years, Chef Janine's ketogenic interpretation of the MALIBU CHICKEN became one of the favorite spring time weeknight dinners for our prepared meals customers!

Malibu chicken was originally made popular by the restaurant chain Sizzler. This dish became one of Chef Janine's favorites during the many times she took her mom to Sizzler's. The original recipe featured a thin slice of pineapple along with ham and Swiss cheese topped on the breaded chicken breast and served with a sweet mustard dipping sauce. Chef Janine loved it although her mom did not care for pineapple's sweet accent. Later, when she started leading a clinically monitored clean ketogenic lifestyle in order to combat her stage 3 ovarian cancer, Chef Janine had to stay away from most fructose loaded fruits, including pineapple, of course.

The purely ketogenic natural ingredients she choose to use for this recipe, elevates this dish considerably. She replaces the carb/gluten loaded bread crust with her perfect mix of finely ground baked pork rinds, Italian Parmesan cheese and her special blend of herbs and spices. She also tenderizes the chicken breast to perfection in avocado oil mayo for several hours before baking.

Chef Janine bakes the keto crusted breast to a tender perfection, and then tops it with a slice of original Black Forest ham and a slice of Swiss cheese. For her house made dipping sauce, she uses a honey flavored sugar free authentic Dijon mustard. She serves this dish with lightly sauteed or steamed seasonal vegetables on the side.

You will love this light, yet truly delicious dish. Chef Janine excludes the sweet slice of pineapple entirely of course (extremely high in carbs). Her interpretation of the Malibu chicken is definitely an elevated ketogenic version of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Bon appetit!

Chef Janine

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