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Next week, I Am Taking You To India To Awaken Your Gourmet Taste Buds!

This summer's gourmet tour of the world continues. Next week, we will enjoy Indian delicacy.

Check out the whole menu for next week (August 16th curb-side pick up in San Jacinto or delivery to 30 miles radius)

I cook my totally ketogenic Indian butter chicken in my tangy, creamy, yet not oily, and not too sweet tomato cream sauce.

For this dish, I blend my balanced mix of exotic spices that include cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, cayenne pepper and fenugreek. I mix my spice blend with a healthy amount of Himalayan salt, lemon juice and garlic paste. My velvety cream sauce with added coconut cream provides the wonderful moisture and tenderness to the tandoori chicken --marinated in yogurt and spices-- and makes the spicy flavors softer and more subtle.

I serve my succulent tandoori chicken in the indulgent cream sauce on the side of coarsely chopped al dente prepared cauliflower rice. Despite its rich exotic flavors and hearty consistency, my butter chicken dish is surprisingly low-carb.

This wonderful dish comes with crisp, tasty and ready to dip low-carb tortilla chips fried to perfection in lard.

You will love it. I guarantee you.

Thank you for the opportunity to awaken your gourmet taste buds.

Chef J9


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