Next Week's Comfort Keto Menu Showcases Chef J9's Keto BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

It’s still the season of poolside summer cookouts, and backyard barbecue parties. And we fully plan on embracing the remaining warm summer evenings the right way, with our summer cravables menu.

On our next week's Comfort Keto menu (delivery on Monday, August 9th), we are showcasing Chef J9's signature keto BBQ pulled chicken sandwich served between brioche style low carb buns, smothered in our sweet tangy and smokey keto house barbecue sauce. This awesomeness is topped with our creamy cool keto coleslaw and served with a side of crispy fried mushrooms and zucchini strips and blue cheese dressing. Wash it all down with an ice cold low-carb beer.

With your order, you will get one "complimentary" Michelob Ultra on us.

Chef J9 is serving up her delicious pulled BBQ chicken keto sandwich as one of the best summer evening comfort keto meals. Our sugar-free house BBQ sauce is prepared with a little heat to balance the sweetness of the monk fruit. The sandwiches are paired with our golden brown crispy mushrooms and zucchini strips, both fried in lard. They are so fresh, they'll 'pop' when you cut into them. The batter is Chef J9's exclusive blend of ground pork rinds, parmesan cheese, homemade avocado mayonnaise, select herbs and spices. Our homemade keto blue cheese dip completes this awesome combo.

There’s nothing about this superbly flavorful, tender summer comfort dish you won’t totally love! And we top this mouth-watering combo with a "complimentary" bottle of ice cold low-carb beer. Cheers!

So, what are you waiting for?! Celebrate the warm summer evenings while you can. Next week's prepared keto menu is now available to order for Monday, August 9 pick up or delivery.

Besides this delightful Americana meal, we cover in next week's menu delicious summer meals from French, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai and Italian cuisines. Please just click the image to check out our whole prepared keto menu for the week starting on August 9th.

Order now! Bon appetite!

Chef J9 (Chef Janine)

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NOTE: Please enjoy "only one" bottle with your Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich in order to stay in ketosis.

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