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Ending the Summer on a Culinary High Note: Ketogenic Spanish Paella

The last few days of summer is always time for remembrance. There are plenty of memories to look back on the season –from delicious ketogenic meals by Chef Janine you enjoyed al fresco style, to seaside vacations, to quiet early morning walks, to all the books you read on your summer list– that has been. If you’re looking to remember the season past, there really is no better stylish way than to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) with COMFORT KETO's low-carb version of the authentic Spanish Paella.

In celebration of the season past, we are serving to you and your loved ones our "Oh! so authentic" Spanish Paella that hits all the traditional culinary high notes of summer season; fresh seafood, Spanish chorizo sausage, chicken, fresh herbs and authentic spices, served with cauli-rice for a uniquely summery culinary experience.

Next week's Comfort Keto prepared meals menu features more of our summer favorite meals prepared with love and utter perfection to satiate your taste buds.

Please follow the link below in order to check out the Summer "Menu 14" details and also place your online order for the week of August 29th:

You don’t have to be from Spain to know about its infamous paella. People from all over the globe associate this country with this warm versatile food. The paella’s ingredients depended on what was around. Paella isn’t just the name of a food! It’s also the name for the wide, shallow pan this dish is traditionally cooked in. Spaniards argue that you didn’t actually make paella if you didn't use one of these pans. Chef Janine uses a flat wok which is the next best thing to a paella pan.

How Did Paella Become Spain's Most Favorite National Dish?

Farming became easier when the Romans brought irrigation to Spain. When the Moors later brought rice to the Iberian peninsula, fields flourished with this crop. The Moors also brought saffron to Spain which became another essential paella ingredient that gives it its yellow color.

Paella is said to have originated in Valencia. Farmers allegedly invented the dish in the 1800's when they combined whatever they had on hand, creating several versions of this versatile dish. Eventually, seafood was added following rabbit, chicken and local sausages. Paella de marisco, paella mixta, paella negra are popular versions.

How did this dish of humble origins become the symbol of Spain?

During his dictatorship of Spain, General Francisco Franco attempted to create a nationalist Spanish identity. He picked nations favorite dance, music, language, and, yes, even dish to become symbols of Spain. He picked paella, which remains popular throughout Spain.

Chef Janine promises mouth-watering keto "summer" recipes and unique cooking style with global accents and exquisite nuances that will make your taste buds crave for more..

Please follow the link below in order to check out the Summer "Menu 14" details and also place your online order for the week of August 29th:

Buen apetito

Chef Janine


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