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Not Everything Innovative Is Fake; Here Is SoCal's First Shrimp Farm

TransparentSea is one of the country's first urban shrimp farms located in Downey, California.

The United States is the largest importer of shrimp in the world: 2.2 billion pounds every year. After being caught, the average shrimp is frozen for three to six months until it is consumed. All kinds of pollution like microplastics and metals often creep into the world's shrimp population which, like all wild seafood, is being overfished. To make the matters worse, in order to catch one pound of wild shrimp that we eat, nearly 6 pounds of other sea life is killed.

The owner/founder Steve Sutton says that the company aims to relieve pressure off wild stocks by growing them efficiently without overburdening the natural marine resources. The company also aims to offer a perfectly clean product, the Pacific white leg prawns to their customers, without addition of any chemicals.

The shrimps are grown in multiple production tanks totaling 300,000 gallons of water. The production tanks replicate the ocean environment with a water temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The farm recycles 99% of its water. They are properly covered for energy conservation. The farm also controls everything the shrimp eat to limit waste for resource efficiency.

The shrimps are farmed for three months before being ready to eat. The flavor and texture of the prawns is unparalleled. Just peeled and sliced, eaten raw. They taste sweet. The texture? Creamy enough to almost be spread on toast.

The shrimps are never frozen, and after three months they're delivered to one of the 40 local restaurants that TransparentSea sells to. These include some of the top kitchens in Los Angeles, like Gjelina in Venice and the Rustic Canyon Group. Farmers markets are next.

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