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Our Neighborhood Pick-up Locations Will Start Serving the Riverside Communities In September 2021!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Good food today is centered around convenience: door-to-door delivery of meal kits, take-out, and packaged foods. We at MyKetoPal believe that we have the responsibility to go further in creating a food experience that’s centered around quality, nutritional value and healing properties of food, while championing a network of neighborhood pick-up locations that are built on existing communities.

Consumers are increasingly educated and empowered when it comes to their food choices and what goes into their bodies. They demand to know what’s on their plate. The resurgence of demand for local products is helping smaller scale, higher quality, more unique food production programs like "Comfort Keto" as a viable alternative to the current industrial food system. New cooking techniques, healthy diets and local sourcing of seasonal ingredients can’t be replicated by slower-moving industrial food giants.

This new economic model allows smaller scale unique food producers like us, MyKetoPal, to focus on quality and yields extraordinary results in taste and nutrition — customers who experience this leap have no interest in going back.

MyKetoPal is planning to team up with a group of local partners (keto-ers themselves) in Riverside County neighborhoods who will be providing curb-side pick up service form their homes for our weekly prepared keto meal packages. Our neighborhood pick-up locations will be built on existing communities.

Providing greater access to a better food experience will win because it’s a responsible way to distribute freshly prepared better tasting food that’s affordable and convenient while bringing people closer to their food, and each other.

Please check the details here:

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