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Need To Kick-start Your Weight Loss Or Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau? The Answer Is Egg Fast!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Ketogenic Egg Fast Recipe by Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal

The egg fast is a limited time version of the ketogenic diet --three to seven days-- followed in order to swiftly get into the state of ketosis, kick-start your weight loss after you have possibly fallen off your ketosis, or overcome a weight loss plateau.

The egg fasting has not been scientifically studied in terms of sustainable weight loss or overall nutritional value. Yet, it is a good tool to utilize for a short time period --egg fast diet plan does not contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs, thus not recommended to follow longer than a week-- to overcome a weight loss plateau.

Different publications approach the egg fast diet plan differently. However, all focus on eating an egg-based diet for a short time period which includes cheese and healthy fats and strictly excludes "all" carbohydrates including fibrous vegetables.

Ketogenic Egg Fast Recipe by Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal

There are many different versions of the egg fast diet plan. Nevertheless, most plans advise keto-ers to follow these common rules.


  • A minimum of six (up to eight) whole eggs daily.

  • Your egg-based meals in two servings, ideally four hours apart.

  • 15 grams (g) (1 tablespoon) of butter or healthy fat per egg.

  • 1 ounce (28 g) of full-fat cheese per egg.


  • For best results (achieving deep ketosis), consume your two egg-based meals four hours apart. This way you will benefit from intermittent fasting.

  • Eat your last egg-based meal no later than 6:00 pm.

How you make a simple egg-based meal:

Step 1:

Use a non-stick (may be teflon) pan to prepare your egg-based dish.

Spread in a circular shape two oz of shredded cheddar cheese on your medium pre-heated pan.

Step 2:

Let the cheese melt evenly.

When the cheese is hot and bubbly, crack two eggs onto one half side of the bubbling cheese.

Pierce the egg yokes.

Add Himalayan pink salt, ground pepper, cumin and other desired spices.

Step 3:

Cover the pan and turn the fire low for 1-2 minutes.

Cook until the eggs are set.

Turn off the fire and let it set covered for another minute.

Ketogenic Egg Fast Recipe by Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal

Step 4:

Flip the cheese over (like a chalupa).

Serve with dipping sauce made of avocado oil mayo and sambal olec sauce (for additional thermo genetic benefit) !!!

Note: Make sure your mayo or whatever condiment you choose is free of sugar, soy or other veggie oils.

Enjoy. Bon Appetite !!

Chef J9

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