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What Meals Are Included In The COMFORT KETOVORE Program?

Our COMFORT KETOVORE diet is an offshoot of the traditional "carnivore" way of eating that allows for a bit more wiggle room.

We use use in our COMFORT KETOVORE program primarily grass-fed meats from ruminant*** animals.

***Ruminant animals are those herbivores whose stomachs are divided into several compartments. Some examples of these animals are cows, sheep, goats, bison, deer. The compartments of the stomachs these ruminant herbivores have microorganisms that ferment the cellulose in the vegetables they eat into cud, while eliminating all the toxins which are common to "all" plants.

Please visit the COMFORT KETOVORE program page to view the nutritional facts of each individual meal.

Here is the line up of the meals which are included in our COMFORT KETOVORE program:

Here is how we design our the recipes for our COMFORT KETOVORE menu for best results:

Our daily calorie intake is around 1,600 calories.
For best results, we recommend 5-6 days of intermittent fasting (max two meals a day) and one day of water fasting while on COMFORT KETOVORE diet.
Our macros are 75 % fat (animal fat, butter, cream, eggs, some occasional dairy), 23 % proteins (meat, seafood) and 2 % carbs (green vegetables, some low carb vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, etc).
Our total carb amount per day does not exceed 10 grams.

A minimum of 4 weeks participation is required.

This special elimination diet is recommended to be followed for 90 days (3 x 4 weeks cycles) for best result.

At the conclusion of this program, participants may consider continuing their ketogenic lifestyle by ordering weekly COMFORT KETO menus.

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