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These chef-mastered gourmet keto / low carb A LA CARTE MENU meals are available to order every week by Tuesday midnight.

If you choose to order A La Carte meals only:

Min. order qty. for each selected meal is 3 servings.

​Please text your order selection to (951) 208-5475 with the serving quantities at the time of order! 

If you choose to order single A La Carte meal only:

Min. order qty. for single meal selection is 6 servings.

Price is $14/meal. 

All meals are KETO!

Delivery on following Friday/Saturday.


Please check the details on the ingredients, calories per serving, total net carbs, storage and heating instructions for each meal in this special menu on the associated web page at

A La Carte Menu 1 - Summer 24

    • For environmental reasons, we recycle the thermal bags.
    • The thermal bags are for transportation purposes ONLY, and have to be returned at the time of your food's delivery.
    • If you chose to keep the thermal bag, or the thermal bag you are returning is dirty/defective, you will be subject to $10 charge for the new thermal bag.


    • If you prefer to clean and return the black food containers in which you received your food, we will gladly disinfect and reuse them.
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