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NOTE: "Vivacity" power bowls are sold in batches of 6-servings ONLY

Zelle price for 6 servings: $66 ($11/serving)

To pay via Zelle, please use the following info:
Janine Lechuga
(951) 208-5475


Everyone deserves to eat this good!


100% Ketogenic

"Vivacity" power bowls are prepared with heavy cream, double strained Greek yoghurt, vanilla mousse, and custard.

These super food delicacies are anti-inflammatory, pro-biotic and pre-biotic.


Storage and Service

Store in the fridge at 38F for 2 weeks

Can be frozen up to 6 Months!

Serve: Well chilled (41F)


All Natural Ingredients

The "Vivacity" power bowls are loaded with: 

  • chia seeds,

  • Madagascar vanilla,

  • Saigon cinnamon,

  • cocoa nibs,

  • unsweetened coconut flakes,

  • pumpkin seeds,

  • crushed almonds,

  • crushed walnuts,

  • "jicama" (in place of apple), 

  • sugar-free house wild berry jam,

  • tropical low carb fruits,

  • fresh seasonal cherries/berries.



The sugar-free "Vivacity" power bowls are Monk fruit sweetened.

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