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Holding Workshops and Cooking Classes on Ketogenic Foods Since 2016
Offering Chef Prepared Gourmet Ketogenic Meals Since 2019

About Comfort Keto™  by MyKetoPal

MyKetoPal was originally founded in 2015 in San Jacinto, California, by Chef Janine Lechuga-Aytekin and her husband Dennis Aytekin as a service company providing education programs on health and nutrition. During its four years operation, the organization held over 200 workshops and 50 low-carb cooking classes at private and public venues across the Riverside County in California. Over 600 keto curious novices and intermediate keto-ers of all ages took advantage of the popular programs.


MyKetoPal's curriculum focused on dietary causes of chronic diseases, nutrition based metabolic therapy, and clean ketogenic diet assistance. MyKetoPal™  provided class participants with

  • science backed ketogenic lifestyle protocols,

  • intermittent fasting protocols,

  • weekly keto meal plans,

  • international keto recipes, and

  • themed weekly keto menus, recipe and shopping list packages. 

On a regular basis, MyKetoPal™  reviewed ketogenic products and keto food demonstrations at select health food stores in Riverside County.

Today, a select set of "on demand" e-books and other supporting documents are available to Comfort Keto™ customers on a complimentary basis.

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In 2019, a new start-up corporation under the trade name Comfort Keto LLC was incorporated by Chef Janine and her husband Dennis in order to solely specialize on the production and distribution of gourmet prepared low-carb / ketogenic meals to general public. Today, the new company's main focus is to help people to lead healthier lives every day by making better food choices, and eating well.


While Comfort Keto™  by MyKetoPal provides affordable true gourmet prepared keto / low-carb meals using totally  natural ingredients. The company strongly advises that the individuals who take advantage of its prepared meals program are responsible for their own medical care, treatment, and oversight. Comfort Keto™  by MyKetoPal urges its customers to consult with their own healthcare providers for all matters relating to personal health.



Philosophy of MyKetoPal  

MyKetoPal  is firm believer of legendary Greek physician Hippocrates' holistic philosophy:


‘ Let food be

thy medicine, and

medicine be thy food.

Through scripture we know that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. In order to live a fulfilled and healthy life, we are called by the Creator to keep our bodies clean and not to conform to the patterns of the modern world.

LEADERSHIP @ Comfort Keto™ by MyKetoPal™

Co-Founder, COO, Exec. Chef Janine Lechuga Aytekin

The key person behind Comfort Keto™'s success  is our executive Chef Janine Lechuga Aytekin. A native of Southern California, Chef Janine has an extensive food brokerage background. She is a classically trained Le Cordon Bleu chef with later focus on nutrition based metabolic therapy. Chef Janine is the creator of all our unique ketogenic gourmet recipes and menus for our pre-cooked grab-n-go meals and weekly meal packages.

Chef Janine spent most of her adult life as an obese person, at times tipping the scale at 390 lbs. Throughout the years, she despairingly tried all kinds of diets, never being able to manage her weight long term.


To make the matters worse, in 2011 Chef Janine was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer. Instead of self-destructing chemo-therapy, operation or radiation therapy, she chose to return to God's food and heal her body naturally with a scientifically designed, perfectly balanced and lab monitored ketogenic metabolic therapy and intermittent fasting protocol. With this clear mission, Chef Janine withdrew from professional cheffing in the pursuing years and focused solely on her personal health and gradual healing solely through nutrition. She succeeded to remit her cancer completely within 10 months without conventional medicine. 

Today, Chef Janine is leading a "clean" ketogenic lifestyle, is 200 lbs lighter, and her ovarian cancer is in full remission without a trace since well over eight years. 




Dennis O. Aytekin

Comfort Keto™'s co-founder Dennis Aytekin is a retired engineering executive. His involvement in the food industry goes back to the 2000's when he co-owned a prominent seafood restaurant.


Having been born and raised in the Mediterranean region, and lived and worked as a professional in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and far east for decades, he developed a distinguished palate with deep appreciation for different cultures and international cuisines.

Dennis initially adopted a ketogenic lifestyle in support of his wife, Chef Janine. In 2014, he became a true advocate of ketogenic diet when he was able to remit his own aggressively spreading psoriasis completely within 6 weeks with a well-balanced ketogenic diet protocol exclusively developed by Chef Janine.

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