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Holding Workshops and Cooking Classes on Ketogenic Foods Since 2016
Offering Chef Prepared Gourmet Ketogenic Meals Since 2019
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We carefully design and craft meals that makes it truly comfortable for people to stick to the ketogenic lifestyle.


Our meals contain roughly 75% Fat, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbs.

Maximum amount of net carbs in our meals is between 0 and 8 grams.

Keto MeNUS

MyKetoPal changes the Comfort Keto menu every week.


The menus are also changing each season with use of seasonally available ingredients.


Online orders for the following week must be placed by midnight on Tuesday.



MyKetoPal™'s master metabolic Cordon Bleu chef prepared gourmet Comfort Keto meals are ready for delivery on FRIDAY of every week (unless announced otherwise).


No need to rush! Your order is kept cool and safe until you receive your delivery.




Simply follow the heating instructions on your meal either in a conventional or toaster oven (recommended), microwave, or on your stove top to reach an internal temperature of 165F.

Plate your meal and enjoy!

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100% Clean Ketogenic Healing Meals

MyKetoPal's healing Comfort Keto meals are top restaurant quality, yet also next best thing to old school delicious home cooking.


MyKetoPal's chef prepared Comfort Keto meal service is particularly perfect for people who want to stick to their keto diet, but don’t have time to plan, shop and cook, or have advanced cooking skills. 


Each ketogenic recipe is carefully designed and crafted by our cordon bleu educated and metabolic therapy trained Chef Janine Lechuga in order to serve people who strive to lose weight, boost their immune system and combat chronic health conditions.


Our clean ketogenic recipes utilize a wide array of healing nutrients such as:

  • anti-oxidants,

  • anti-inflammatory herbs and spices,

  • cortisol reducing ingredients,

  • Omega-3s,

  • immune system boosting ingredients,

  • pre-biotics,

  • pro-biotics,

  • liver detoxing ingredients,

  • detoxing mushrooms,

  • micro nutrients,

  • vitamins, and

  • minerals.

Ketogenic Healing Meals


Each Comfort Keto recipe is precisely optimized with ...

  • 75% of calories coming from HEALTHY fats,

  • 20% of calories coming from proteins, and

  • 5% of calories coming from fiber-rich carbs.

100% Natural, Wholesome Ingredients

We take quality extremely serious in terms of taste, freshness and healthy ingredients.

Each Comfort Keto recipe is made from scratch with locally sourced fresh, organic and natural, nutritionally balanced, wholesome ingredients that are FREE of all added sugars, chemicals, preservatives, excito-toxins, food colorings, GMO, soy products, hormones  and antibiotics.

Each serving is portion controlled to keep you in ketosis.

All our baked goods are low carb, meaning 1 to 3 grams net carbs per serving. Please note that our low-carb baked goods may contain low amounts of organic vital wheat gluten. Please notify us if you are experiencing gluten sensitivity and we will gladly provide your meals wit gluten free alternative ingredients.

Even our proprietary house made sauces and dressings are all sugar-free and low carb!

Our seasonally changing, internationally inspired and masterfully crafted recipes and the variety of ingredients, spices and sauces eliminates ketogenic boredom.

MyKetoPal's chef mastered Comfort Keto meals come with an additional advantage when compared to other prepared keto meal producers and services:

Comfort Keto offers complimentary advice and coaching on nutrition and metabolic benefits exclusively to its clients.
Who Do We Serve?

Besides serving individuals leading a ketogenic lifestyle, MyKetoPal also serves private groups in SoCal with minimum six (6) participants (Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego Counties)

  • companies,

  • organizations, and

  • government agencies

are encouraged to inquire.

We also hold occasional Q&A and nutrition instruction sessions in person and on Zoom platform. Stay tuned for dates.


Our invitation only Zoom sessions are exclusively for our customers.

Is a "Subscription" Required? NO!

MyKetoPal offers its exceptionally affordable, nutritional, chef prepared Comfort Keto keto meals in form of weekly changing 10-meal fixed menus. There is no need to subscribe to the keto meal plan with Comfort Keto.

  1. Simply visit our website,

  2. check out the weekly changing FIXED menu (10 meals) for the upcoming week, OR

  3. select minimum 10 meals (5 meals @ 2 servings/meal) from our A LA CARTE menu (9 meal options are available to choose from),

  4. select your pick up location; At the present time only home/office delivery to maximum 35 miles distance from San Jacinto is available.

  5. ​pay online on or before Tuesday Midnight PST for the next Friday delivery, and

  6. you are set to receive your weekly prepared keto meals package on next Friday between 9:30 AM pm and 6:00 pm.

You can skip a week or two, or stop using the service anytime.


We have taken your budget into account. 


While our service is not  a "cheap," home chef prepared meal service. Nevertheless, we proudly offer "the highest possible quality master keto chef prepared low-carb meals at most affordable prices" in Southern California.


Our master keto chef prepared meals are high in quality compared to any other mass produced keto prep-meal program, or any prepared meals program for that matter.


Our talented Chef Janine combines her formal education (cordon bleu and metabolic therapy )culinary skills, her unique techniques of prepping, cooking and packaging our keto/low-carb meals and decades long professional experience with Americana, European, Mediterranean, Asian and other popular international cuisines with her in depth knowledge of nutrition and metabolic therapy. The end product is guaranteed excellence!!!


Furthermore, we source our ingredients whenever possible seasonally and locally, keep our cost and profit margins as low as possible so that you can enjoy our healthy and healing meals without breaking the bank. 

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