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This menu of 10 freezable chef-prepared gourmet KETO / low carb meals is is ideal for your go-to emergency keto meals supply. We deliver the meals fresh prepared and well chilled. You enjoy now as many as you want fresh, and freeze the rest. This 10 meal menu is also ideal for family gatherings, dinner parties, and travel. 


Please check the details on the ingredients, calories per serving, total net carbs, storage and heating instructions for each meal in this 10 meals menu on the associated webpage at

CK Spring Menu 1 - Freezable - 10 Meals

    • For environmental reasons, we recycle the thermal bags.
    • The thermal bags are for transportation purposes ONLY, and have to be returned at the time of your food's delivery.
    • If you chose to keep the thermal bag, or the thermal bag you are returning is dirty/defective, you will be subject to $10 charge for the new thermal bag.


    • If you prefer to clean and return the black food containers in which you received your food, we will gladly disinfect and reuse them.
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