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Spring - Summer 2024 Group Plan

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Our meals contain roughly 75% Fat, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbs.

Maximum amount of net carbs in our meals is between 0 and 8 grams.

MyKetoPal changes the Comfort Keto menu every week.




Simply follow the heating instructions on your meal either in a conventional or toaster oven (recommended), microwave, or on your stove top to reach an internal temperature of 165F.

Plate your meal and enjoy!



Your group meals will be delivered on FRIDAY of every week (unless announced otherwise).


The entire group order will be delivered to the delivery location of the ASSIGNED GROUP MEMBER (home or office of the dedicated group participant).

Group pricing 
payment terms

Zelle price:


per person, per week

Complimentary Delivery

To pay via Zelle, please use the following info:
Janine Lechuga
(951) 208-5475



Group orders must be paid via Zelle by 6 PM on Tuesday.


Each Comfort Keto recipe is precisely optimized with ...

  • 75% of calories coming from HEALTHY fats,

  • 20% of calories coming from proteins, and

  • 5% of calories coming from fiber-rich carbs.

MyKetoPal's 100% Clean Ketogenic Healing Meals - Please see details in the "How It Works" page.

MyKetoPal's 100% Natural, Wholesome Ingredients - Please see details in the "How It Works" page.

Group Program Participation Terms, Pricing

MyKetoPal offers its exceptionally affordable group program price at 10% discount.

Zelle price: $125.00 / pre week (per 10-meal menu)

Complimentary Delivery


The weekly changing 10-meal fixed menus offered to the group program participants are same as they are offered to general public.


The group program participation is minimum 6 weeks.

Minimum required number of participants is 4.

The weekly payments will be collected by an ASSIGNED GROUP MEMBER and transferred to Chef Janine's Zelle account as lump sum no later than 6:00 PM on Tuesday.


Note: If a participant needs to skip a week due to personal reasons, we need to be notified one week in advance.

The participant will be credited for the skipped week or can have another person receive the skipped week's meals.

Help Us Keep The Cost Down!

In order to keep the cost down, we are asking the group program participants to do the following:

  • Return the thermal bags in which you received last week's meals. Please clean the bags as needed.

  • Return the plastic containers in which you received last week's meals. Please wash and dry the containers thoroughly. Please do not use sharp cutting knives when enjoying your food directly out of the containers.

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