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WE cook and YOU heat n' plate ! 


Our weekly changing fresh prepared gourmet keto meals will blow your mind and not your pocket book.

Our chef mastered menus feature internationally inspired, perfectly balanced, ready-to-heat-n-eat delicious clean keto meals. 

Our menus are lovingly prepared by our master keto Chef Janine and change seasonally and every week; so, check our Keto Menus page regularly.

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2023 Spring-Summer
Service Territories
in Riverside County
Click the image to view larger map!

MyKetoPal made its mission to serve keto-ers of Southern California, in particular the Riverside County with highest quality chef-prepared fresh gourmet low-carb/ketogenic meals without the hassle that comes with recipe hunting, planning, shopping, and cooking.


With our weekly changing 10-meal (five days, two meals a day Intermittent Fasting) or 6-meal (six days One Meal A Day) menus, our customers can easily stay on track with their healthy ketogenic lifestyle. 

MyKetoPal takes the load off you, while you enjoy our "true" gourmet clean keto meals, eat and feel great and take the pounds off your body!


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