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The 100% keto "Vivacity" power bowls are Greek yoghurt-vanilla mousse-custard based. They are loaded with chia seeds, Madagascar vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, cocoa nibs, unsweetened coconut flakes, pumkin seeds, "jicama" (in place of apple), and sugar-free house wild berry jam. These super food delicacies are anti-inflammatory, pro-biotic and pre-biotic. 

Net carbs per serving: 3

NOTE: "Vivacity" power bowls are sold ONLY in batches of 6-servings

Caramel 'Apple' Vivacity Bowl

  • The ingredients listed below are commonly used on the "Vivacity" power bowls. Individual ingredients may change depending on the flavor profile of the product.

    Double strained whole fat Greek yogurt, heavy cream, egg white, in-house produced sugar-free wild berry jam, seasonal fresh berries, seasonal fresh cherries, tropical low-carb fruits, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, cacao nibs, baker's dark chocolate, , dark chocolate flakes, ground coffee grainsbeans, essential oils, natural flavorings, monk fruit sweetener,  erythritol, stevia 

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