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Low-Carb Beers You Can Actually Drink on Keto Diet

Keto dieters who restrict their carbohydrate consumption for health reasons usually cut beer from their daily dietary intake. Yet, every now and then, a keto-er may want to have an ice cold low-carb beer.

Nowadays, there are more low-calorie and low-carb beer options on the shelves than there has ever been. While individual preferences differ, there's a beer to suit nearly everyone's taste, whether that's a light wheat beer or a more bitter IPA.

Keto Approved or Keto Friendly Low Carb Beers Tasted and Recommended by Chef Janine of Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal

When it comes to low-carb beers, you might want to focus on "light" beers. Their carb counts are always lower and they usually contain less alcohol (as measured by the percent of "alcohol by volume," or ABV) than their regular counterparts.

That said, some have more carbs than others. And they vary in calories too. To be labeled as ‘light,’ the product needs to have one-third fewer calories compared to the full-calorie version.

For clients who enjoy drinking beer, we encourage strict moderation and making informed choices. Look for nutritional information on packaging or online.

Five grams of carbohydrate is the benchmark for people who are on keto diet and watching their carb intake.

This video (link below) rounds up several low-carb beers that clock in at fewer than 100 calories per 12 ounce bottle or glass, including some fresh new options.

You may want to check out this article linked below which lists 14 low carb beer products (10 keto approved brands are 5 carbs or lower, and 4 keto friendly brands are over 5 gr carbs)

Cheers ! Prosit ! Santee!

Reviewed and approved by Chef Janine

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