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SoCal "Cloud Seeding Program" Is Underway; Will Continue Till Spring 2027

Something we all need to be aware of. Santa Ana River Watershed Weather Modification Pilot Program is the actual "cloud seeding program." It is not a conspiracy theory, but an openly published (yet well hidden) government activity... The program is already underway since November 2023 and will continue until April 2027.

You can read all the publicly available details on the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority website.

All such programs -weather manipulation, cloud seeding, chem trails, sun blocking, etc., etc.- have been ridiculed for decades as conspiracy theories. Yet, our own government agencies, the unelected bureaucrat and technocrats have been systematically lying to us, and destroying the God created balance of the nature. These agencies are the ones causing the climate change, not the common human activity.

The target areas are illustrated on the map we downloaded from the same website. It appears that the areas marked with purple are particularly targeted, with special focus on cloud seeding the mountainous areas. According to this map, Riverside is in the heart of the greater targeted area. Hemet/San Jacinto/Idyllwild region where we live is in the South East target region through Spring 2027.

There is an AHOG (Automated High Output Ground) generator between Hemet and Perris, most likely on Ramona Express Way. There is also a CNG (Cloud Nuclei Generator) most likely placed in Winchester area. All in the neighborhood.

The same government website (Weather Modification/Cloud-Seeding in the Santa Ana River Watershed) declares that SILVER IODIDE particles are mixed with ACETONE, vaporized and released into the atmosphere using ground based seeding systems. There are two such sites in the area, again according to what has been public information available on the website.

Influencing The Public Opinion

Here is an article published in , supporting/justifying the program. Interesting short reading.

Published January 2024: The Sky's the Limit: Is cloud seeding an effective means of adding more rainfall in Riverside?

A cloud seeding demonstration project, a first-of-its-kind in the area, is underway, promising Riverside a chance to significantly increase its water resources through engineered precipitation.

Published April 2016: Cloud seeding returns to LA, but no one is sure if it works

Published 2018:


Published 1968: SILVER IODIDE has been in use since the 1960s.


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