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"The Big Fat Surprise": Problems With Seed (Vegetable) Oils

Nina Teicholz - , author of the best selling book "The Big Fat Surprise" deserves a lot more accreditation on this video. She was one of the first people to shed light on the problems with seed (vegetable) oils and the history of how they came to be.

You can watch the whole video below, or jump to the section of your interest as listed below.

0:00 - The Switcheroo

1:52 - History of Vegetable Oils

3:50 - Enter the American Heart Association

5:27 - The Massive Increase in Vegetable Oil Consumption

6:06 - Is Vegetable Oil Bad or Benign?

6:55 - Why do some animals live longer than others?

7:51 - Vegetable Oil is stays in your body for years

9:11 - Hidden Data

12:08 - Vegetable Oils are in EVERYTHING

13:07 - Why Vegetable Oils are bad for Health

15:04 - The Toxic Oxidation Products

16:28 - How Vegetable Oils are made

18:33 - Are Vegetable Oils linked to Alzheimer’s?

20:06 - Mitochondria, The Powerhouse of the Cell

24:35 - Most Studies on Vegetable Oils aren’t long enough

26:04 - Why aren’t more people talking about this?

Check out Nina Teicholz's other presentation on this topic here:


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