Fake Food Series: 0 Carb Fake Beer (Beer Flavored Seltzer Water) Is Here!

Updated: Feb 17

Ten years in the making, Bud Light NEXT is finally available in major grocery chains as the first zero carb beer in the market today. It is actually a sparkling seltzer water with beer flavor, in my opinion. Its extremely pale color is an indication.

Bud Light claims that they have finally achieved a brewing breakthrough by accomplishing what was thought to be impossible for a long time. In our opinion, it is a fake beer. At zero carbs, 80 calories and 4% alcohol per volume, Bud Light NEXT is a zero carbs seltzer water with beer flavor, a failed beer option.​

Bud Light NEXT is supposedly brewed with ingredients including malted barley and rice.​ We tested and did not liked it (Comfort Keto has no affiliation with Bud Light).

If you are leading a ketogenic lifestyle, and are craving for beer taste, this pseudo beer may be a choice for your Superbowl party. Just don't pour it into a glass as it tastes like a beer but does not look like a beer. LOL

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Cheers and GO BENGALS

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