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In A Nutshell, How Does "Comfort Keto" Prepared Meals Program Work?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

We are asked frequently how our program works. Here is a short version of how we work. It will make it easy for you to get an idea in a nutshell.


Our menu changes every week.

A new menu is posted on our website every Tuesday night.

You can check the new menu here: .


You can order next week's menu every week by Friday midnight.


Based on how many packages have been ordered previous Friday, we shop the ingredients for the exact quantities from our wholesale partners on Saturday.

Our small but highly talented team under the supervision of Chef Janine then cook on Sundays everything fresh from scratch at our commercial kitchen in Murrieta.

Freshly cooked meals are chilled overnight from Sunday night to Monday morning so that the flavors marry perfectly.

Salads and other fresh produce side dishes are prepared and assembled on Monday mornings at our commercial kitchen in Murrieta.

We fulfill the meal packages on Monday mornings at our commercial kitchen in Murrieta for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning deliveries across Riverside/San Bernardino Counties.

The meal packages for Monday noon curbside pick up at our San Jacinto location are fulfilled on Monday mornings in San Jacinto.


Since 2015, under MyKetoPal brand, Chef Janine held over 200 workshops on health and nutrition centered around metabolic therapy with ketogenic diet at Valleywide Community Centers and well over 50 low-carb cooking classes at private and public venues across the Riverside County in California. Read more "About Us" here.

We have been in the prepared ketogenic meals business under new brand name "COMFORT KETO" for two years now, since the onset of the "pandemic." During this entire period, we did not miss one single week of deliveries incl. holidays.

We have consistently produces 5-star level gourmet keto meals since day one. We never had even one single complaint or negative feedback about any of our creations, ever!

Several dozen of our clients are regulars, most of them have been with us for far more than 6 consequent months.

Every single customer has achieved fantastic weight loss and chronic illness healing results.

All customers find our weekly gourmet keto meals delivery arrangement perfect for their low carb lifestyle.


We deliver Monday afternoons to greater Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee area, and neighboring cities, and to Hemet.

On Tuesdays are our deliveries to Moreno Valley, Perris, Beaumont/Banning area, Idyllwild and Palm Springs.

Free curb side pick up in San Jacinto is at noon on Mondays (precisely between 12:30 and 1:00 pm). The pick up location address, and gate code will be shared with you after receiving the payment for your order.


Meal sizes: Each meal is about 500 calories. The 10 meals which come in the package is perfectly satisfying for most of our clients for the whole week as the portions are very satiating.

Freezable: Some of our meals are freezable and are clearly marked as such on the menu. We cook, package, chill and deliver fresh. You freeze if you need to.

Serving instructions: Heating and/or cold serving instructions for each meal are clearly listed on the online menu of the current week.

Replacement of certain meals with other meals on current week's menu: The quantity of individual meals from the current week's menu may be changed (increased/reduced) as long as the total number of meals are 10.vPlease inform us at the time of your online order which meals you would like to replace or change the quantities of.

Allergies: Please inform us at the time of your online order about your food allergies, and we will gladly accommodate you with right meals and ingredients.

Extra orders: Some customers order occasionally a few extra servings from the current week's menu or some sugar-free sweet keto treats. Please inform us at the time of your online order about your extra orders.

We are looking forward to serving you soon.


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