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National Swedish Delicacy: The Swedish Meatballs

Considered the national dish of Sweden, the Svenska Köttbullar aka traditional Swedish Meatballs with cream sauce belongs to every authentic Midsummer Swedish buffet. The deliciously rich flavor has been enjoyed all over the world since its introduction by King Karl XII, who brought the recipe from Turkey in the early 18th century. Actually well over 2 million Svenska Köttbullar are served daily between IKEA’s 340 worldwide stores.

Charles XII (Karl XII was also known as “the Lion of the North” and the “Swedish Meteor”) reigned over the Kingdom of Sweden from 1697 to 1718, and lived in Turkey from 1709 to 1714 during the Great Northern War. When he returned home after the war, he brought the original Turkish köfte recipe for the meatballs home with them, and adapted them to the Swedish culinary way of life as köttbullars.

Traditionally, Swedes serve köttbullar with creamy gravy over mashed potatoes and with a side of green peas, and pressgurka (vinegar cucumber dill salad). And, you should be listening to the song "Ge mig mera köttbullar" by Astrid Lindgren while you eat them. 😄 Such a treat!

Grandmas make the best foods! We all agree. So, we adapted the perfectly ketogenic version of the Svenska Köttbullar recipe we are serving on next week's menu from a friend's Swedish mother-in-law. As the traditional recipe for Swedish meatballs calls for it, Chef Janine fries them in butter, and lots of it.

The meatballs can be frozen, yet it's best to enjoy them within one month.

You can enjoy them with an ice cold light beer during your midsummer brunch or dinner.

Please follow the link to check out the full menu for the week of August 8 and place your online order:

God aptit,

Chef Janine Lechuga


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