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Taste of Louisiana: Keto Scrambled Eggs with Biscuit, Sausage and Gravy

A quintessential Southern staple, biscuits and gravy are a hearty comfort food with deep roots in the American South. One of the hallmarks of Southern cooking is its appreciation for soulful, made-with-love dishes that bring families and communities together. Biscuits and gravy, beloved by people from all walks of life, are no exception. They are ingrained in the fabric of America’s breakfast and brunch culture.

Our master keto chef Janine is now introducing the extraordinary ketogenic interpretation of this indulgent dish: "Taste of Louisiana - Scrambled Eggs with Biscuit, Sausage, Gravy and Louisiana hot sauce on the side."

Culinary History of the Biscuits and Gravy

The rich and hearty American comfort food, the biscuits and gravy dates back to American South's early days, tracing back to the Civil War. Initially favored by the Appalachian settlers for its sustenance, this calorie-dense hearty meal sustained soldiers during the Civil War. Today, this meal is synonymous with Southern comfort food, giving cornbread a run for its money. It is available in all kinds of restaurants, from local diners to high-end establishments.

The most popular variant of this time-honored Southern delicacy, the cream gravy studded with chunks of flavorful sausage, became widely popular during the 19th century. Other versions include the oyster gravy from coastal regions and the corn gravy from the Appalachians.

Biscuits, a type of quick bread date back to ancient Rome. The modern biscuit emerged in the 19th-century United States with the introduction of baking powder and soda as leavening agents.

The South is home to many gravies. Virtually any of them can be served with biscuits. The most popular sausage gravy seasoned with black pepper originated as a means to make meat last longer and add flavor to biscuits. The sausage-less gravy is known as white or country gravy. Other popular southern gravy recipes include the tomato gravy, and the sweet chocolate gravy which is served over breakfast biscuits or toast. The unique red-eye gravy is the salty concoction made from ham drippings and coffee.

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