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Add Some Exotic Flavor To Your Ketogenic Lifestyle With THAI CURRY !

COMFORT KETO's master keto Chef Janine is bringing to you her ketogenic interpretation of one of the most popular traditional Thai curry dishes prepared with red curry sauce, the THAI COCONUT CURRY CHICKEN. The aromas and flavors of this refreshingly light curry dish will make you feel comforted in a warm embrace.

The distinct blend of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy ingredients combined with the variety of preparations makes Thai curry push the boundaries of Western notions of curry!

Curry is a culinary staple of Thai food that refers to both the dish and the thick, pasty ingredient used to give its characteristic taste. If you’re wondering how this curry differs from other cultures’ varieties, here’s the short story.

Before Thai curry sauces became known for their chili pepper flavoring, curry derived its seasoning from black and white peppercorns. When the Portuguese brought chilies to Thailand as part of the trade route, these became the centerpiece of the sauces instead of black pepper.

The Indian curry dishes are made with dried spices. Thai food, unlike Indian dishes, is prepared with wet and fresh ingredients for flavor such as coconut milk, shrimp paste and different fresh herbs and spices. Red chilies in the paste provides the robust flavor and richer color; the distinct fiery hue and mild heat.

While Thai curry draws on influences from all over the world, there is so much more depth to Thai curry than the repertoire of red, green, and yellow curry. In Thailand (formerly known as Siam) curry is just as diverse and expansive as the different regions and cultures existing throughout the country.

  • Dried chiles lend earthiness and heat to the red curry, while the coconut milk, eggplant, chicken and basil round out the flavors.

  • The green curry sauce is easily one of the most popular Thai curries, utilizing green chili peppers, garlic, lemongrass, coconut milk, makrut lime leaves, and basil.

  • The yellow curry in Thai cuisine is influenced by the Muslim cooking tradition (India, Malaysia and Indonesia). Flavored with coconut milk, sweet spices and chilis, and it gets its vibrant yellow hue from turmeric.

Please check out this interesting documentary on the "History of Curry"...

How do you define a category that includes so many of the world’s most beloved dishes- from Thailand to India, Africa to the Caribbean? A category of coconut soups and onion-based stews, Thai-Khmer steamed fish mousse and even samosas and curry puffs? To find that answer, this documentary film looks at the spices that link so many of the world’s diverse curries together, and trace those back to their point of origin- the Big Bang from where the entire world’s curry culture emerged. And you will also find out how the word “curry” entered the lexicon and why its use is so controversial and to some, so offensive.

Bon Appétit! Master Keto Chef Janine

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