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Introducing the Ketogenic "Chinois Chicken Salad" Inspired by Chef Wolfgang Puck

We are happy to inform you that this Spring season, your master keto Chef Janine is introducing a fresh take on traditional Chinese salad. Chef Janine is adding an epic Chinese-French cuisine fusion salad with lots of her own tweaks and adaptions to make this refreshing deliciousness totally ketogenic: The "Chinois Chicken Salad" inspired by Chef Wolfgang Puck is now available on gourmet ketogenic salads line up of Comfort Keto. Bon Appétit !

Note: Chinois is the French word (pronounced SHEEN-WAA) for Chinese.

Since opening in 1983, Chinois on Main in Santa Monica, California, has boldly combined Chinese tradition and fresh California ingredients with contemporary French techniques and introduced the world to Asian fusion cuisine. Today, Chinois remains a culinary landmark for gourmands with a discerning palate.

Chef Wolfgang Puck created his signature "Chinois Chicken Salad" for his famed Chinois restaurant. This famous Chinese-French cuisine fusion salad has been imitated countless times across the world. Yet never in ketogenic way. Our Chef Janine is now bringing this fine keto salad to our customers who are leading a ketogenic lifestyle.

To this day, Chef Puck's "Chinois Chicken Salad" remains one of the most popular dishes served at this famed restaurant. 


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