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Perfect Oral Care Routine to Fix Your Mouth & Overall Health

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We are introducing another great video featuring Dr. Mark Burhenne, a bestselling author and family and sleep medicine dentist who has been in private practice nearly 35 years. Dr. Burhenne has focused on patient-centered and preventative dental healthcare.

Dr. Burhenne is the creator of Ask the Dentist, which is dedicated to exploring the mouth-body connection and the role of the oral microbiome.

In this episode, Dr. Mark Burhenne discusses:

00:00 Intro

00:55 Oral health impacts overall health

03:12 Is your oral care routine sabotaging your health?

06:57 Maintaining a healthy oral microbiome is critical

12:52 Dr. Burhenne’s daily oral care routine

25:58 What to look for in an electric toothbrush

29:42 The problem with some toothbrush bristles

35:17 Proper brushing techniques

40:44 Choosing the right toothbrush (manual or electric)

43:51 What is hydroxyapatite toothpaste?

54:28 Micro-hydroxyapatite vs. nano-hydroxyapatite

1:01:20 The safest way to whiten your teeth

1:04:13 Can you get fluoride out of your teeth?

1:08:52 Is glycerin in toothpaste a problem?

1:11:57 Avoid colloidal silver in toothpaste

1:19:09 Is your toothpaste too abrasive? + How to check Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA)

1:21:53 Dr. Burhenne’s approach to oil pulling

1:24:11 Cavity prevention and remineralization

1:27:07 Dr. Burhenne’s healthy toothpaste recommendations

1:32:53 Creating FYGG (Feed Your Good Guys) toothpaste

1:41:24 Microplastics in dental floss + safe recommendations

1:47:57 The benefits of mouth taping

1:51:27 Addressing sleep apnea

1:56:31 How a TRD (tongue retention device) can help with sleep apnea

2:03:07 Everyone should get a sleep study

2:11:20 Hybrid approaches for treating sleep apnea

DIY your own Nitric Oxide "Oral Microbiome Enhancing" Mouth Rinse


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