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A Knee Therapy For $3,000. And You Get To Keep Your Own Knee!

The Ethical Stem Cell Therapy In Mexico Medical Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About!

In this video by SGT Report, Dr. Joshua Ketner, the founder of Dream Body Clinic located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, discusses the miraculous CURE for many health issues that western medical industry in cahoots with big pharma don't want YOU to know about or access.

For decades, conventional western medical industry in cahoot with big pharma has manipulated the healthcare system in the United States and most other countries for their own gain and your pain. It is an open secret that there is no money to be made for medical industrial complex and the big pharma in keeping people healthy. The money is in continual medical and pharmaceutical treatments that people are forced to use while they can profit off of your pain for months or years on end. That's why, rather than treating the cause, the western medical "professionals" commonly prescribe operation or medication is the common practice.

The stem cells are pluri-potent and mesenchymal, meaning they can turn practically into just about anything cell you want them to. The use of stems cells gained from "aborted embryos and fetal tissue", as it is commonly practiced, is not only unethical and should be banned across the world, but also they almost always turn into tumors. To make the matters worse, gene-editing technology is used in order to avoid tumor development.

The cultivation (replication) of stem cells in the United States is not allowed. Actually the cultivation of stem cells have not been applied for by any big pharma company because the process of cultivation is not patent-able. Due to the lack of financial gain, no one is investing into the FDA approval process which would cost millions of dollars to process. Without guaranteed return on investment and opportunity to patent, this won't ever change. Consequently, the only therapeutical stem cells allowed to be used at the present time in the US are non-cultivated. Such non-cultivated original stems cells can be gained from a person's own bone marrow (10,000 cells) or body fat (100,000 cells), however these amounts are totally insufficient due to the fact that the amount of stem cells to repair a defective knee cartilage is for example 50 million cells.

Dream Body Clinic and a few other clinics around the world gain and replicate healthy stem cells from placenta and umbilical cord (about 10 million cells which is still not sufficient for one knee, and needs to be replicated/cultivated). Both placenta and umbilical cord are normally discarded after babies are given birth, and grow up healthy. This practice is without ethical dilemma as the babies are not harmed or affected. And the healthy stem cells gained from placenta and umbilical cord and replicated, won't be rejected by the host body or turn into tumors in the host body as they lack HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen).

Dream Body Clinic provides following stem cell treatments that cure the root cause of issues instead of just conventional western medicine fixes.

  • stem cell treatments for sexual function and fertility treatments,

  • orthopedic and chronic pain stem cell treatments

  • dental stem cell treatments

  • Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone therapy

It is time to book a trip to Porto Vallarta!

The prices are so low, you don’t need insurance (price list).

A single knee therapy costs only $3,000. And you get to keep your own knee!

Please visit their website at or call toll free: (833) 445-9089.

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