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All Proteins Are Not Created The Same!

The human body requires protein for all kinds of body functions which are key to stay healthy - anything from building muscles and bones, repairing cells, to making hormones.

A person who requires a minimum of 50 grams of protein a day for healthy body function, would not actually meet their protein needs from any type of protein, because same amount of protein from one food builds less muscle than from another food. Recent research says the old 50g of protein a day recommendation is way too low and that a 135 pound (62 kilogram) person needs at least 75 to 100 grams of "high quality" (bio available) protein per day. Scary fact is that 40% of Americans aren’t even hitting their minimum protein requirements [USDA Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee].

The Body Absorbs And Utilizes Certain Proteins Better Than Others!

Some proteins are more bio available for human body than others. This property is rated by the quality of a protein [ FAO (2013) Dietary Protein Quality Evaluation in Human Nutrition.].

Animal proteins like cow's milk, boiled eggs, beef and chicken breast are all considered highest quality proteins because they are very digestible and have all the essential amino acids in high amounts.

Plant proteins in powder form, such as from soy or pea, are good, yet are rated low quality proteins.

Many other plant proteins such as from rice, lentils, rye, peanuts, almonds, and wheat are rated poor quality proteins.

Quality Of A Protein Comes Down To The Amount Of Absorb-able Essential Amino Acids In A Food.

We don’t just need protein, we need all the 9 essential amino acids - they each have important functions - that only a protein source can provide. That's because amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Just to name two, Leucine is a very important amino acid for muscle growth, and tryptophan is a precursor for making the hormones melatonin and serotonin.

The film "The Game Changers" backed by big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron makes it sound like you can get the protein and the essential amino acids you need from only plant-based foods without much effort at all. This is a totally bogus and politically motivated claim, which is designed to promote the "vegan" lifestyle as per the UN 2030 Agenda.

Here’s a simple example: If you’re trying to gain muscle through exercise, nutrition, precisely essential amino acids are key to that. Soy and Pea protein powders do have some amount of amino acids. But you still need 40 grams of soy protein, or 38 grams of pea protein to match the Leucine content and Essential Amino Acid content of 25 grams of Whey protein.

You can find the full script of this video at the following link.


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