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Fake Food Series: Cell Based, Lab Cultivated Meat - Courtesy of Bill Gates and Richard Branson

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Inside The World's Largest Synthetic Meat Factory

Upside Foods opened the largest synthetic meat factory in the world. The first of its kind prototype factory in Silicon Valley is designed to grow thousands of pounds of chicken, beef and pork in vats from animal cells. Near future capacity is designed to reach millions of pounds annually.

Currently, it costs $18,000 to produce one pound of this fake meat. The ultimately targeted price point per pound of their synthetic meat is between $10-20, comparable to present day premium meat prices.

The mission of Upside Foods is to grow "real" meat using animal cells without having to raise and slaughter animals. The factory is equipped with small, medium and large cultivators for different animals. The company claims that its technology is capable of taking cells from any animal and grow meat from the parent cells. The parent cells multiply in the vats through a cascade of reactions within the cells, leading to the growth of the synthetic meat for 10-12 days.

Simply put, Upside Foods takes select animal cells, feeds them nutrients (carbs from agricultural plant products loaded with inflammation causing Omega 6), waits a couple of weeks and then digs into the cultivators and harvests out some pork chops or chicken breast. The harvested meat has initially a paste like texture. The synthetic meat is then processed to simulate fibers of real meat and formed to the likeliness of a chicken breast or prime cut steak.

The facility looks like a brewery and that's essentially what it is. The concept itself takes some getting used to.

Backed by Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tyson Foods and Cargill, Upside Foods is betting consumers will go for vat-grown meat. Do you have the stomach to go for it?

Let's not forget that Cargill is a subsidiary of ConAgra, a Monsanto company which produces thousands of GMO products.

Follow the link to check out the video of this "science reality" factory...


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