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Diet-Heart Hypothesis Completely Debunked! FALSE: Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading global cause of death. For decades, the conventional wisdom has been that the consumption of saturated fat undermines cardiovascular health, clogs the arteries, increases risk of CVD and leads to heart attacks. This timely research investigates whether this claim holds up to scientific scrutiny.

No, Saturated Fat Doesn’t Clog Your Arteries or Cause Heart Disease, New Research Analysis Finds!

A new analysis finds little to no association with saturated fat consumption and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.


Findings indicate that the consumption of saturated fat is not associated with cardiovascular disease risk, events or mortality. Based on the scientific evidence, there is no scientific ground to demonize saturated fat as a cause of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fats which are naturally occurring in nutrient-dense foods can be safely included in the diet.


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