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Good Life = Eat Healthy + Get Out and Soak In vitamin D + Exercise

Besides eating great healthy, real, fresh low-carb food, it is important to get out, get fresh mountain air, soak in vitamin D and get some exercise.

Thank you God for blessing us, America and the world with such beautiful spots. Thank you God for connecting us with great, health conscious customers and giving us the opportunity to bring our healthy gourmet food to such beautiful places.

We drop off our Comfort Keto prepared meal packages to Beaumont/Banning area every Tuesday morning. After our deliveries in the area, we take the curvy, steep Highway 243 to ascend to Idyllwild-Pine Cove (IDY as the locals call it). In our opinion, this not-so-busy (except on holiday weekends) highway is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in California.

The 24 miles dream drive from the base of the mountain in Banning to the 6,000 feet high town center of IDY takes about 45 minutes (the San Jacinto peak is over 10 thousand feet). Half way to IDY is a peaceful small lake of serenity, the beautiful Lake Fulmor has great wonderful picnic areas in the middle of the forest, directly at water.

A few weeks ago, as usual on a Tuesday, we stopped at Lake Fulmor and caught the last of the snow from past Christmas days. Here are a few pics from this hidden gem, serene little paradise. We got to enjoy two seasons at the same time. The sunny side was spring and the shady side was winter.

And when you arrive in IDY, make sure to stop at Tommy's Kitchen on South Circle Drive for a great pation lunch prepared by Swiss Chef Tommy himself. We will soon partner with Tommy to offer our frozen meals from his fine restaurant. Soon, you can even order our low carb creations there.

And if you are craving for a great cup of coffee (loaded with Potassium) after your lunch, the Idyllwild Coffee Roasters patio is the place to visit for always fresh, always organic, coffee roasted in Idyllwild, CA. We will soon partner with Mimi of this fine establishment to offer our quiches.

Don't forget to tell them Chef Janine of Comfort Keto sent you.

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