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We Are Welcoming BofA Staff In Hemet To Our Gourmet Keto Customers Circle.

Last Thursday, August 19, 2021, Chef J9 (Chef Janine) of Comfort Keto presented an assortment of gourmet samples from this week's prepared keto meals menu to the employees of our banking partner "Bank of America" in Hemet. The banking staff in the main branch of BofA on Florida Avenue indulged in the delicious gourmet keto treats from Riverside County’s finest gourmet keto kitchen Comfort Keto dba MyKetoPal.

More than a dozen BofA staff members who are following a ketogenic lifestyle tried Chef J9's gourmet keto creations. Among the samples were a number of Signature dishes Chef J9 for everyone to taste. They were invited to taste bites of deliciousness, and staff members certainly obliged.

“It has surpassed all our expectations,” the branch manager said. “The quality of food that Comfort Keto provides is just amazing. We expected just a nice, fun and fulfilling keto sampling. It’s far more than we expected.”

All BofA staff agreed that Comfort Keto's creations do not look and taste like the keto food they fix at home. “The quality of the food is fantastic and the weekly changing menu offers a ton of international variety to experience” they agreed.

“We think that Comfort Keto's weekly changing menu contributes tremendously to healthy dining experience in our city. CK offers top quality healthy keto to both our local residents and neighboring communities in the region."

We thank Bank of America for giving us the opportunity to showcase our gourmet keto creations. We are welcoming BofA staff in Hemet to our loyal keto customers circle.


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