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Fake Food Series: Alkaline Water

Speciality waters are EVERYWHERE these days, the biggest brand of them all being Smart Water.

They've been really pushing Alkaline Water lately and, with claims of healing benefits of ALL sorts (improving bone health, immune system support and even preventing disease), we're wondering if there's substantial evidence to back up these claims and if such products are worth buying in the first place.

Let's have a quick look at the effects of alkaline water?

One major negative effect of drinking alkaline water on a regular basis is that it can neutralize important acids throughout your body (stomach, large intestines and urine, and the have natural acidity) and most likely disrupt the body’s natural pH balance and cause acid reflux. The acidity in the body supports not only the nutrient absorption (regular alkaline water consumption may lead to digestive issues) but also protects the body from invading microbes (regular alkaline water consumption may increase the risk of microbial infections).

Furthermore, highly alkaline waters may cause an electrolyte imbalance and lead to hyperkalemia (dangerously high potassium blood level).

Health claims that alkaline water increases bone mineral density, stops cancer cell growth, and boosts immune function are all bogus, and not backed by medical evidence.

So, who should definitely avoid drinking alkaline water? In general, individuals who have low stomach acid issues, kidney disease, digestive issues, and recurrent urinary tract infections should NOT consume alkaline water.

You can read Dr. Berg's in depth article to learn more about the subject matter.


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