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Chef J9 Takes Care of the Flavor. Plating Is Your Part. That Is, If You Care!

Simply put, food plating is the arranging of food in order to provide a higher mark-up on the experience of feasting.

Food plating adds unmistakably value to your dining experience, because visual appeal is just as important as the tasting experience of the food. Always remember, before we even take that first bite, we’ve already unconsciously judged the meal in front of us.

Food plating may seem too prestigious of a thing to many people to care about. Most folks are always busy with work, family and social life, and “never have the time” to even think about the plating of their food. Most people are more like, “Just give me the food.”

Nevertheless, food plating has many advantages besides visual appeal. It's less likely that a well presented dish will be eaten in a rush. In this way, food plating is a powerful tool that alters the perception of food and encourages healthier (slower) eating.

Though a beautifully plated dish adds to the dining experience, is it a good substitute for flavor? Absolutely not. So how can you achieve the right balance of style and substance?
I, Chef J9, take care of the flavor part. Plating is your part. That is, if you care!

You can either eat the food you receive from Comfort Keto directly out of the microwaveable containers in which you receive your food, OR you can plate them in proper crockery, plate, bowl, etc. In order to assist you with the most practical and appealing ways of plating, we post the pictures of our meals the way we plate them. This should for sure help.

You can also take a look at this web page to discover great tableware options to match with your food.

Bon Appetite!

Chef J9

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