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Keto Wine: Few Great Low-Carb Wines

Updated: Feb 14

Wine has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. Great inventions from the antique tree press to computer-controlled tank presses have revolutionized wine making. Winemakers made wine an object of desire all over the world.

Wine in moderation, is considered keto-friendly. In the recent years, a number of relatively low carb wines hit the market to choose from. Keto-friendly wines are usually certified to contain only 1 gram of carbs per bottle.

If you feel like celebrating the "Valentine's Day" or simply enjoy your chef mastered Comfort Keto meals with a glass or two of low carb wine, please keep in mind that it can take just two glasses of wine to chisel away a significant part of your daily total carb count. This is a challenge if you’re struggling to reach or maintain ketosis. So, please enjoy in moderation. Consider stopping after one or two small glasses and always drink alcohol with a meal to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Much like beer manufacturers with more options for low-carb beers, winemakers are also taking note to cater to the low-carb crowd. Here are a few keto-friendly wine brands which are paving the way for low-sugar and low-carb options that also taste great.

Happy wine drinking!

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines is the perfect solution for wine lovers who are on the ketogenic diet.

This company offers a monthly subscription business model. Their keto wines they carry are all-natural, organic, low in alcohol and sulfites, free of additives, and contain just one gram of sugar or less per bottle.


FitVine is dedicated to making low carb wines that won’t sabotage your ketogenic lifestyle. Their wines are lower in sulfites, free of additives, and have less sugar than traditional bottles.

Even with these great keto options, you can’t drink the whole bottle or split one with a friend without potentially consuming too many carbs for the day and kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Usual Wine

Usual Wine doesn’t only offer low-sugar wine curation and delivery, they promise never to use any additives in the winemaking process. Just grapes, water, and sunshine. That means no added sugars, sulfites, pesticides, or stale wine.

They’re unusual in that they ship you each bottle “by the glass” in 6.3 oz bottles. Since each bottle contains fresh, natural wine, you’ll usually only get about 1.5 carbs per glass - according to their website.

Please read more on this topic at the KetoPerfect blog.


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