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Mark Your Calendars For April 20; KETO Workshop/Cooking demo/Tasting event

Hello friends and followers of MyKetoPal/Comfort Keto products and services. I, Chef Janine will be hosting a FREE KETO workshop/Cooking demo/Tasting event in San Jacinto on Thursday, April 20th.

This free event is designed to primarily host maximum 20 members of the Lake Elsinore based non-profit "Leave No Woman Behind" (LNWB) organization. Another 10 participants of the public will be admitted to attend.

The event is free for everyone. There is a $10 suggested donation. Half of the proceeds will benefit LNWB.

The event link is below. Please RSVP and have your name listed by Tiff Ani :

First come first serve, so please hurry to RSVP.

Please note that "May Be" sign ups won't count as RSVP'ed.

If you are not on the RSVP list, you won't be able to taste the gourmet keto food.

Tiff Ani will provide to Chef Janine the RSVP list on Friday by midnight, April 14th so that we can buy right amount of ingredients for the event.

After April 14th midnight, we won't accept additional participants.

Looking forward to a real fun event and feast....


Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga

The Program

We will start with a quick info and Q/A session at 2 pm. You will get key information about keto and why it works for improved healtha and weight management.

Starting at 4 pm, until the end of the event at 7:30 pm, I will demonstrate easy keto recipes and cooking techniques for you. Recipes will be available, and emailed to you. While I cook, you will taste and enjoy gourmet keto. We shall cover easy keto recipes, both for you and for children.





2:00 pm

15 minutes



2:15 pm

20 minutes

Problem #1 - Sugar, seed oils

Types, harms, substitutes

2:35 pm

20 minutes

Problem #2 - Insulin

Insulin Resistance

2:55 pm

20 minutes

Problem #3 - Cortisol

Stress hormone makes and keeps you fat

3:15 pm

15 minutes



3:30 pm

30 minutes

Ketogenic Diet

Macros, keto tools, breaking habits

4:00 pm

30 minutes

Intermittent Fasting

How to techniques, benefits

4:30 pm

15 minutes



4:45 pm

30 minutes

Cooking Demo + Tasting

Kid friendly keto, sweet treats

5:15 pm

15 minutes

Cooking Demo + Tasting

Keto drinks for kids and adults

5:30 pm

30 minutes

Cooking Demo + Tasting

Cooking quick and easy keto

6:00 pm

60 minutes

Cooking Demo + Tasting

Keto pizza and low carb pulled pork sandwich

7:00 pm

30 minutes

Questions and Answers


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