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Next Week, We Will Stop By Korea For A New Culinary Discovery.

Bibimbap -pronounced bee-bim-BOP- is a popular Korean dish. The word bibimbap means “mixed rice.” However it also means “mixed meal” since “bap” is also used for meal. This dish is sure to become one of the most popular Korean dishes in the coming years.

I prepare this dish with a number of ingredients that are typically used in Asian cuisine. However, my ketogenic interpretation of this popular light summer meal is quite a bit different than the typical carb loaded version. For this meal, I use gingered caulirice topped with a blend of sweet pickled cucumbers, fresh green onions, pro-biotic low-carb kimchi, a bit of blanched carrot slices (vitamin A) and lemon grass. I top all that with my homemade sriracha mayo.

In this delicately refreshing dish, I use of course the low carb version of the Korean staple ingredient, the fermented umami paste GOCHUJANG which I make with dried red pepper flakes and seasoning.

The ingredients are arranged in the bowl on top of the gingered caulirice. I add stir fried grass-fed beef to the arrangement, and finally plop a soft poached egg on top.

Everything is mixed by you in the bowl as you let the taste adventure begin.

Bon appétit = Mas-issge deuseyo (Korean)

Chef J9 (Chef Janine)

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