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A New Culinary Experience: The Korean Bibimbap

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Bibimbap --pronounced bee-bim-BOP-- is a popular Korean dish. One meaning of the term "bibimbap" in Korean language means “mixed rice.” The term also means “mixed meal” since “bap” is also the word for meal. This delicious and healthy dish is surely becoming one of the most popular Korean dishes in the US culinary landscape in the recent years.

To create this delicious dish, Chef Janine uses only the freshest ingredients combined with authentic Asian/Korean elements to create the masterpiece that is both visually stunning and delicious. However, Chef Janine's ketogenic version of this popular meal is quite a bit different than the typical carb loaded version. For this meal, Chef Janine uses gingered cauli-rice, topped with a blend of "rice wine vinegar" pickled and gently monk fruit sweetened ginger slices, zucchini strips, broccoli florets, bean sprouts, fresh green onions, paired with blanched carrot slices (vitamin A) and red bell pepper strips. She tops all that goodness with her homemade sriracha mayo and the GOCHUJANG sauce.

For this delicately refreshing dish, Chef Janine prepares her umami flavored sauce using of course the low carb version of the Korean staple ingredient, the fermented GOCHUJANG paste made out of dried red pepper flakes and seasoning.

All the ingredients of the "bibimbap" are arranged in the bowl on top of the gingered cauli-rice. The Asian style marinated and stir fried chicken slices are then placed on top of the arrangement, sesame seeds are sprinkled and finally plop a soft poached egg is placed on top.

Everything is mixed by you in the bowl as you let the taste adventure begin.

Mas-issge deuseyo (Bon appétit in Korean)

Your Master Keto Chef Janine

This dish is on our Fall "Menu 10" which is scheduled for delivery on November 7th.


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