The vibrant, refreshing COMFORT KETO lunch: Peruvian Pollo A La Brasa

If you have never tried Peruvian Pollo A La Brasa paired with the robust Peruvian green sauce called Ají Verde, you don't even know that you are missing the all time best South American dish.

This very clean tasting Peruvian dish is a COMFORT KETO fan favorite. Chef Janine promises you that you will fall in love with this dish after the first bite.

Overnight marinated chicken in Chef Janine's special blend of spices and herbs, makes a huge difference in the vibrant and refreshing flavor with acidic and bold notes.

Excess marinade is basted onto the chicken as Chef Janine roasts it to perfection. The chicken is then paired with cauliflower rice, and veggie saltado - a stir-fry dish prepared with a cumin/red wine sauce that typifies Peru's eastern and Latin multicultural cuisine.

We serve this perfectly vibrant, refreshing meal with Ají Verde sauce and garnished with chopped cilantro and chunks of avocado.

Please place your online order until Friday midnight, and your chef Janine mastered heat n' eat meals will be delivered to your doorstep next Monday/Tuesday! HAPPINESS IS THAT EASY.

Please follow the link to place your online order by midnight on Friday, April 22 for following Monday/Tuesday delivery:

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