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Biological Grounding Works Like Electric Nutrition!

Earthing (aka "Biological Grounding"), is establishing "direct" conductive contact between your body and the surface of Earth. Studies show that this practice works like Electric Nutrition and restores the natural connection between your body and the electrical currents of the Earth, thus stabilizing your body with the earth's natural electrical charge. Biological Grounding involves outdoors barefoot walking or using indoor grounding systems while sleeping or sitting.

The earth carries a slight negative electrical charge. This is due to free electrons on its surface. When you come into conductive contact with the earth, either by standing on it barefoot or using an Grounding system, this charge is transferred to your body. In your body, these free electrons work as antioxidants. They neutralize harmful free radicals and reset your biology.

Biological Grounding research suggests that the practice has positive effect on overall mental well-being, reduces pain, stress, and inflammation.

Throughout the history, humans have espoused the Earth's healing power. Ancient Chinese medicine for example defines the vital energy that fills the universe as Qi —pronounced "Chee"— which resides within people.

19th century European scientists Louis Kuhne —published "The New Science of Healing"— and Adolf Just —published "Return to Nature"— encourage people to walk barefoot outdoors.

Contemporary scientists of today advocate for Earth's electrons' ability to balance our body's electrical current as this technique gets increased mainstream attention as a simple, inexpensive way to heal.

Plastic/Rubber Composite Soles Don't Conduct The Earth’s Electrical Energy

From Greek sandals to French kings to dandy Brits, all natural leather has been the go to shoe sole material for thousands of years. The first rubber sole shoes came into play in the late 1800s by the Continental rubber company as a durable, lightweight alternative. With vulcanized rubber technology, rubber soles became ubiquitous after World War I for all kinds of footwear.

The performance qualities of rubber soles for outdoor activities and sports are obvious, but they’ve worked their way into everyday wear as an alternative to leather. Most footwear today is made with plastic/rubber composite soles and do not conduct the Earth’s electrical energy. As a result, we are no longer connected to the earth's natural electrical charge.

Shoes with leather/hide soles, which were the primary footwear material in the past, or specially designed conductive/electrostatic discharge shoes will ground you if you are walking on a conductive surface.

Benefits of "Biological Grounding"

There are signs that an earthing practice will benefit your life. You may want to practice regularly "Biological Grounding" if you:

  • Experience anxiety or depression

  • Experience chronic fatigue

  • Deal with cardiovascular disease

  • Have post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Have traumatic memories

  • Struggle with chronic pain

  • Have chronic inflammation

Like with all therapy, chronic illnesses have underlying medical issues that need to be addressed by your doctor.

Practice of "Biological Grounding"

Earthing techniques focus on reconnecting your energy with the earth through direct contact. This study suggests that 30 minutes is enough time to begin reaping the benefits. These methods include:

  • Walking outside barefoot.

  • Laying on the ground.

  • Swimming.

  • Gardening.

  • Using grounding mats, blankets, patches, and socks.

Here are ways you can practice earthing:

  • Take a walk: Connect your bare feet with the ground by walking on grass, across the sand or the mud. Pay attention to the feeling of the land beneath your feet, and be mindful of sharp objects as you go.

  • Play in the dirt: Dig into the earth and get the soil between your fingers. You can create a garden in your yard or windowsill—if you're in an apartment—and directly link to the energy in the dirt.

  • Ground yourself indoors: When going outside is not an option, grounding mats come in handy by replacing the direct connection you'd get being barefoot outside.

Grounding mats bring Earth's electrical currents into the home or office by replicating the physical connectivity of a nature walk.

Modern research shows promising benefits of earthing, but it will take time to determine if these earth-derived electrons work as hard as scientists hope.


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