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Introducing The Must-Read Book "The Great Plant-Based Con"

In this video interview, Anthony Chaffee MD talks to researcher and author Jayne Buxton about her most recent book 'The Great Plant-Based Con: Why eating a plants-only diet won't improve your health or save the planet.'

This book is a must-read about the real agenda behind "Veganism" and the con surrounding the plant-based foods concept.

How I have waited for this book! A much needed, fact-packed, lucidly argued demolition of pervasive, endlessly recycled, anti-animal source food propaganda! — Joanna Blythman

This insightful work looks beyond the simple plant-based messaging and polarizing arguments to discover:

  • How diets that exclude animal foods can DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH

  • How BIG FOOD and BIG PHARMA profit when you eat more plants

  • Why a rich and powerful CHURCH wants to take meat off your plate

  • How SCIENTIFIC STUDIES can DISTORT the evidence in favor of plant-based diets

  • How the MEDIA often act as plant-based advocates rather than reporters

Jayne Buxton's link to her website for the recent book:


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