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Perfect Mixed Grill From The Smoker For The Independence Day Celebration!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

We Americans are very enthusiastic about different types of meats, and love to sample a variety at one sitting. In celebration of the Independence Day next week, we decided to offer to you, our esteemed customers, an ALL AMERICAN dining experience with this special menu item: The Texas Smokehouse BBQ Mixed Grill.

Chef Janine's Texas Smokehouse BBQ Mixed Grill features three delicious meats:

  • Beef rib (one full rib),

  • Beef brisket (4 oz), and

  • smokehouse sausage (one whole link)

All three meats are smoked together low and slow with hickory wood chips. This type of wood is gives the meats a deep smoky flavor. Guaranteed to make everyone's mouth water.

Chef Janine selects cuts of meat that are high in fat, have good marbling, have a thick fat cap, have tough muscle fibers.

Such cuts have a lot of collagen, which makes muscles tough and chewy. Collagen actually helps the muscles hold to the bone. With low heat in the smoker, such excellent choices like brisket and ribs, which are loaded with collagen, over time break down perfectly and absorb the smoky flavor really well.

Brisket is in the front of the lower chest of a beef, which supports a lot of the cow’s body weight. Brisket comes from a highly active muscle -tough connective tissue. Brisket is a large piece of meat anywhere between 8 and 20 pounds.

Beef ribs have connective tissue that requires low and slow smoking.

You can place your orders online for Summer "Menu 5" Now:

Bon Appétit

Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga

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