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Keto Sangria Is A Staple On Hot Summer Days

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Ketogenic Sangria Recipe by Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal

We don’t know about you, but for us, washing down a beautiful summer keto dish with an "occasional glass of keto sangria" is a staple on a hot summer day. Especially if you will enjoy a keto paella.

We suggest this easy keto sparkling wine sangria recipe which is just as good as a regular sangria, yet, it will help you maintain your keto diet if you enjoy this drink only occasionally, may be every other week or when you are at a gathering. Best of all, you can whip up a batch of keto sangria in no time at all.

To make sangria, you can use sparkling red or white wine. Optionally, you can add a few shots of vodka into the mix.


Berries Commonly Used In Chef J9 Recipes by Comfort Keto - MyKetoPal
  • 2 cups of fruits - blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries

  • ice cubes - have some extra to add to the glasses before serving

  • 750 ml sparkling wine (1 bottle)

  • 500 ml sparkling water

  • Lime juice

  • Slices of lime and/or orange for garnish

  • Stevia

  • Optional: 250 ml unsweetened cranberry juice (with no added sugar)


  • Chop up the fruit.

  • Add to a half gallon jug.

  • Add plenty of ice.

  • Add the bottle of sparkling wine to the jug.

  • Add unsweetened cranberry juice (optional).

  • Add sparkling water and sweeten to taste with stevia.

  • Stir well and serve in a large glass over more ice.

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