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COMFORT KETO's Perfectly Ketogenic Asian Fusion Meal Is Out of This World!

This meal is a true favorite of the Westerners living in China. The perfectly ketogenic SHIRATAKI STIR FRY BOWL with CHICKEN BREAST is ideal meal for winter weeknights.

This delicious Asian Fusion dish is slightly sweet, peppery and garlicky. The aroma of a drop of Sriracha sauce combined with the oyster sauce, cooking rice wine and coconut aminos is out of this world! The bamboo shoots provide the perfect fiber you need for your digestion.

We serve this delicacy on zero carb, zero calorie shirataki noodle (konjac root).

Our "Winter Menu 2" is now ready to order by Saturday noon, Dec. 10th. The delivery is on Tuesday, December 13.

Bon Appétit

Chef Janine


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